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CityZen of the month: Elio Qoshi

30 Apr 2018

CityZen of the month
We are happy to see the CityZen community grow up day by day and all these people that have something to give to the CityZen project. Everyone can nominate the next contributor of the month on GitHub or by mentioning us on Twitter. A person that has dedicated quite some time on this project is Elio Qoshi. We interviewed him in order to get to know him better.

CityZen of the month: Andy Scherzinger

19 Mar 2018

CityZen of the month
For the past months we've seen our community of contributors grow day by day. In order to honor and thank all these people for the time, energy and commitment they have dedicated to CityZen, we are initiating a series of interviews that will be published monthly on our blog. Everyone can nominate the next contributor of the month on GitHub or by mentioning us on Twitter. We are starting this session of interviews with Andy Scherzinger . He is a contributor that comes from Germany and the CityZen app owes him a lot...

Community empowered communication efforts

31 Jan 2018

Translating the app

In October, almost tree months after the app was released, we started working on the translation process of the user interface. As a open source upholder we wanted the localizations' platform that will be used for translation, to be open source too. The problems that came up as soon as we started for a such platform were two. Initially, many open source web translations' platform wouldn't support XML files. All strings that need to be translated for CityZen are in one XML file. The second issue that we faced had to...

Announcing the CityZen project

23 Aug 2017

CityZen app

After announcing to the local hackerspace members first, we would like to share the exciting news about the launch of CityZen app here at our blog as well. We are using the word 'exciting' as this is an open source project not based on 'the start-up silicon valley strusture' cities so it has a chance of becoming mainstream. We would like to share some context before presenting the project. Today, city-navigation or Points Of Interest (POIs) apps are exactly what their name says: they are supposed to help you get around in the spots of the city you...