This is an open source project and contributors are really important to us. We aim to create a big community to develop this project further, to offer an application that can be used all around the world.There are so many ways you can contribute.

First lets start with the easiest thing, Share the word about this application.

Share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. You can do so on issues on our github repos

You can help us to improve our mobile app and code, or even checking the syntax here at Android Development repo

You can help us to improve this website done with github pages

You can help us to translate the app on multiple languages. See what we have done so far using Weblate:

There is a lot you can do, as solving problems can be much easier if we see it from another perspective. In Albania we say two minds are better than one, so a bigger group of contributors can offer better solutions to better different issues. Share your thoughts and spend some time to improve this application ♥