the companion app to navigate the city
open source & privacy by default

CityZen is an open source Android app that helps you navigate and explore your city easily. With CityZen you find points of interest (POIs) such as ATMs, gas stations, drugstores, mobile phone stores and other interesting services near you. The app shows these POIs based on the location of your smartphone, but it does so by respecting your privacy since we don’t keep your navigation data. The app is licensed in an open source license because we want to engage as many people as possible in improving the app. It is also a way of respecting tools and platforms such as OpenStreetMap that respect our freedoms. If you are an OpenStreetMap contributor you can easily add information to the POIs by editing them inside CityZen.


Open Source

Our code is published under the Mozilla Public License. As an open source license ensures collaboration & sharing.

Empowered by OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative open data powered project to create a free editable map of the world. We use data from this amazing project to help you navigate the city.

Community Driven

The decision making proces for new features, but also the development of the platform is done by the growing CityZen project community.

Privacy by design

When you use CityZen your data are fetched directly form OpenStreetMap. This means we don’t keep any of your data in our servers and respect your privacy.


CityZen of Month

CityZen of Month

On this blogpost we are featuring one more contributor that is been helping the CityZen community grow for quite some time. Jonathan is a web developer coming from Brussels, Belgium.. He is June's "Contributor of the Month".


CityZen uses Hosted Weblate, an open source localization platform to provide localization for the entire project. You can contribute there by signing up for a new account or use your existing GitHub account to log in.