CityZen of the month: Andy Scherzinger

19 Mar 2018

CityZen of the month

For the past months we've seen our community of contributors grow day by day. In order to honor and thank all these people for the time, energy and commitment they have dedicated to CityZen, we are initiating a series of interviews that will be published monthly on our blog. Everyone can nominate the next contributor of the month on GitHub or by mentioning us on Twitter.

We are starting this session of interviews with Andy Scherzinger . He is a contributor that comes from Germany and the CityZen app owes him a lot of features. We asked him a few questions on why CityZen is special to him and what motivates him to be part of the community.

Andy Scherzinger

Please introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Andy and I am a dev-turned-manager. So by day I work at a large software consultancy in various roles being a manager, working on projects as a project manager or architect and by night I tackle Android issues on OSS apps for example on CityZen to lower the barrier for others to enhance OSM data to not having to rely on proprietary service vendors or Nextcloud's Android client.

When and how did you discover CityZen?

Can't really remember the exact time but sometime around Q4/2017. I discovered it because some members of the CityZen project are also involved in the Nextcloud project which is where I usually spend my time contributing to the development of its Android app. So they tweeted about this new project and that is how it came to my attention.

Why did you become a CityZen? What motivates you?

I was looking a mixture of something where I might enjoy contributing to *( OSS licensed being mandatory)* my contributions would have an impact for its users

In what field do you contribute more (community, documentation, development, community development, blockchain)?

I contribute in the field of development work for the Android client with a focus on polishing the user interface.

What is your biggest achievement as a CityZen (contributor)?

At this very moment I'd say all the development contributions for the new version 1.1 where various areas of the app's user interface have been touched to give it a more polished look, over more categories of POIs and make it easier to comprehend the information presented to the user. Of course all of this was a community effort where many people contributed to this achievement by creating mock-ups, redesigning screens, translations, providing feedback, testing the early versions of the release and reporting back issues.

What is one of the CityZen features you can't wait to see?

I don't have anything in mind, really but please feel free to report requests on GitHub and I'll do what I can to help.

Do you have contact with other CityZens?

I am on the Telegram channel on a more or less daily basis, discuss issues there or on Github and have met some CityZens during last year's Nextcloud conference in Berlin. So it's basically meeting people around the project in the digital world.

Are you also an OpenStreetMap contributor?

Actually no, not in the sense of contributing development efforts as-in code while by using the CityZen app I do edit/create new POIs for the OSM data lake.

To conclude, is there anything else you want to mention?

If you are interested in getting involved in the development of the app as-in contributing code or further improve matters of UI/UX feel free to ping me. While in general if you want to contribute to CityZen in any way may it be code as mentioned, feedback, translations, documentation etc. just get started and get in touch on GitHub or Telegram and I am sure it'll be fun and work out nicely. When I started to contribute to CityZen I just "went for it" and can say that the CityZen community is very friendly, supportive and welcoming to anyone.

Header image from Unsplash.