CityZen of the month: Elio Qoshi

30 Apr 2018

CityZen of the month

We are happy to see the CityZen community grow up day by day and all these people that have something to give to the CityZen project. Everyone can nominate the next contributor of the month on GitHub or by mentioning us on Twitter. A person that has dedicated quite some time on this project is Elio Qoshi. We interviewed him in order to get to know him better.

Elio Qoshi

Please introduce yourself

I'm Elio , open source designer and free software enthusiast working on OONI, part of the Tor Project. In the other part of my time I run Ura, an Open Source Design studio which also develops Identihub, free software for hosting visual assets yourself. I have been part of the hackerspace scene for more than 5 years.

When and how did you discover CityZen?

From the early days Redon was talking about CityZen and pivoting once or twice from its original idea. That was early 2017. Funnily, he was talking about using blockchain technology over a year ago, to incentivize CityZen contributors.

Why did you become a CityZen? What motivates you?

I travel quite a bit and sometimes I am on my own when exploring places. That's where tools like CityZen are most useful. OSMAnd feels overwhelming often times, as it's fully packed with features and has a bit of a learning curve. On the other hand, has lost its open source and free software values for me, so having CityZen as an alternative is refreshing. Being part of it and helping with improving its design is also quite rewarding (it has been a joy working with Andy ).

In what field do you contribute more (community, documentation, development, community development, blockchain)?

Design and UX. I help Andy with mockups and UX advice and he magically implements that.

What is your biggest achievement as a CityZen (contributor)?

Over a month ago I redesigned various views within the app, making it more user friendly. Still some way to go but it was good progress.

What is one of the CityZen features you can't wait to see?

Improved OpenStreetMap contributing. I think CityZen is really neat to quickly add Points of Interests to OpenStreetMap while on the go. Currently it's a bit buggy but we are working on it.

Do you have contact with other CityZens?

Too much actually.

Are you also an OpenStreetMap contributor?

Rarely. People make fun of the neighbourhood I'm living as it's quite far away from the city center so I try to map my area more. It's in good spirit of course.

To conclude, is there anything else you want to mention?

I hope more designers will join contributing. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want to help with UX and similar and I will help you get up to speed.

Header image from Unsplash.