CityZen of the month: Sidorela Uku

15 Jun 2018

CityZen of the month

On this blogpost we are featuring one more contributor that is been helping the CityZen community grow for quite some time. Sidorela is a software engineer and is helping us with our website. She is June's "Contributor of the Month". We interviewed her in order to get to know her better. Everyone can nominate the next contributor of the month on GitHub or by mentioning us on Twitter.

Sidorela Uku

Please introduce yourself

I'm Sidorela Uku and I pretend to be a software engineer, or at least this is what I have studied for. I am a member of Open Labs Hackerspace with passion for Free and Open Source technologies and a contributor.

When and how did you discover CityZen?

First time I heard for CityZen was from Redon Skikuli, when he showed me his idea and the beta versions of the app. This was were I started getting involved with the project.

Why did you become a CityZen? What motivates you?

CityZen is an app focused on city navigation, which is really useful when you visit new places were you haven't been before. I loved the idea that it would be an app that could help everyone to navigate easier and its focus in privacy makes it more awesome, even though it is still being developed. That one thing that motivates me is the community involvement, as you can feel that you are doing something special and part of the team/community. Every contribution is well appreciated.

In what field do you contribute more (community, documentation, development, community development, blockchain)?

I started contributing with the website development. Since then, I have contributed in different fields like testing the app, reviewing code, helping with translation platform, some part of documentation and community development.

What is your biggest achievement as a CityZen (contributor)?

As mostly involved to build the website, that has been the biggest achievement of mine. At first we had a WordPress site, and then latter on we decided to host it on GitHub using the Jekyll technology. It was the first website I was working with Jekyll. Despite contributing, I have also learnt a lot.

What is one of the CityZen features you can't wait to see?

For now there are some issues with the search for Point of Interest which depends also from the way of mapping. But mostly, I can't wait to see the privacy option and not letting your GPS track your location if you don't want to..

Do you have contact with other CityZens?

Yes I do with most of them. Some contributors are also members of Open Labs, some others via online communication. But still there are some contributors translating the app which I don't really know.

Are you also an OpenStreetMap contributor?

Yes, I am an OpenStreetMap contributor since November 2016. 

To conclude, is there anything else you want to mention?

Being involved with CityZen has helped me to learn a lot of things and working with friendly and smart people from our community. I hope more people join to develop the app even further and faster to the next releases.

Header image from Unsplash.