CityZen of the month: Jonathan Beliën

11 Aug 2018

CityZen of the month

On this blogpost we are featuring one more contributor that is been helping the CityZen community grow for quite some time. Jonathan is a web developer coming from Brussels, Belgium. He is August's "Contributor of the Month". We interviewed him in order to get to know him better. Everyone can nominate the next contributor of the month on GitHub or by mentioning us on Twitter.

Jonathan Belien

Please introduce yourself

I’m Jonathan Beliën, web developer specialized in Geographical Information System (fancy words to say I use maps and geographical data), board member of OpenStreetMap Belgium and member of Open Labs .

When and how did you discover CityZen?

I don't remember exactly when I heard about CityZen but I guess, Redon told about his idea of an app using OpenStreetMap and focusing on privacy during OSCAL'17.

Why did you become a CityZen? What motivates you?

Being part of the OpenStreetMap community and being interested in open-source solutions, I proposed my help for the map part of the app.

In what field do you contribute more (community, documentation, development, community development, blockchain)?

I'm helping making the good choices considering the use of the map and the OpenStreetMap infrastructure (API, ...) in CityZen. I also translated the UI in French!

What is your biggest achievement as a CityZen (contributor)?

I guess the fact that the app is now translated 100% in French! I'm not an Android developer so I can't really in the development of the app itself.

What is one of the CityZen features you can't wait to see?

Definitely the offline use of the app; I think it's the most important feature and really looking forward to see its implementation. I know this feature is not an easy feature but I trust the team to make that happen!

Do you have contact with other CityZens?

Being a member of OpenLabs give me the opportunity to meet some Albanians that are part of the CityZen team but I hope to meet other people working on the project.

Are you also an OpenStreetMap contributor?

I'm indeed a contributor since 2016 (even though I created my account in 2012) and a board member of OpenStreetMap Belgium since 2017.

To conclude, is there anything else you want to mention?

The project seems to grow quickly and that's really good to see new people from all over the world being interested and taking part in this project.

Header image from Unsplash.